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3329 Northwood Drive Milford, Kansas
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1627 Deb's Sunrise Trail Junction City, Kansas
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505 W Vine Junction City, Kansas
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7119 Laurel Drive Junction City, Kansas

Real Estate & Property Management/Rentals for the Junction City Manhattan, KS Area

This country and Homefront Real Estate Group share in the belief that everyone should own a piece of the American Dream, home ownership. We also believe that we owe it to our clients and customers to arm ourselves with the specialized knowledge to give expert advice on one of your biggest decisions and investments.

At Homefront Real Estate Group, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and expertise to each and every one of our tenants, buyers and sellers. We firmly believe that our success lies in taking care of our clients and customers. We focus on the listing and selling of residential and commercial real estate as well as property management and rentals. Contact one of our exceptional REALTORS® who are experts in our real estate market and let us unlock your happy.